Why Your Farm Needs Crop Insurance

There are many things that can cause the destruction of crops from disease to weather. A lot of people may be wondering exactly what crop insurance is and what it is used for. Insurance can lower the numerous risks that discourage so many people from getting involved in the agricultural industry. For farmers, damage to their crops can cost untold amounts of money and even their business. Insurance can help after a disaster and can save a farm from disaster. From a small family farm to ones used for corporate purposes, insurance has many benefits to consider and can protect against a wide variety of disasters.


Weather is unpredictable no matter what part of the country that you live in. While crops do need moisture to survive, flooding can cause damage not only to the crops themselves but the underlying farmland underneath. Severe flooding can wash the topsoil from the surface of the land. Topsoil is an essential part of growing crops as it is the most fertile part of the Earth’s surface. It’s also less dense than the ground below which allows the root systems of plants to flourish.


While a lot of people think about the dings on their cars caused by hailstorms, a lot of people do not think about the problems that it causes for the crops being grown in the area. In most cases, hailstorms tend to only damage part of the crops and the farm doesn’t take a total loss for the season. Unfortunately, in severe enough cases it can ruin the entire crop for the season. The severity of the damage caused is highly influenced by what part of the season it occurred during.


It’s obvious that plants need water. Just like humans, they crave it too for growth. The severity of the damages can be highly dependent on the length of the drought and the part of the season.


There are many different diseases that can damage crops. These diseases can easily spread to the entire crop and even neighboring fields. In corn alone, there are dozens of diseases that can affect corn alone. As years go by, some of these diseases are becoming more and more resistant to treatment and prevention methods that are currently being used.

Insuring your crops that can protect your business. Not only does it cover the loss of crops, it protects your farm from a wide variety of events that may affect your revenue. One important factor is revenue protection. If your revenue for the season doesn’t hit the insured amount, a plan can be purchased that can make up for the difference. There are also plans available that is based on the revenue that is projected to be made by your farm. When you purchase insurance for your farm you are not only protected when something happens to your crops alone, you are protected if there are disasters or events that affect the crops in your surrounding area as well.

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