How Much Insurance Should Dallas Drivers Carry?

Dallas drivers are required by law to carry auto insurance on any registered vehicle in the state. Auto insurance provides financial protection should you be involved in an at-fault accident. Failure to carry the mandatory minimum auto insurance is a crime that can result in a plethora of consequences, including more expensive car insurance rates, suspension of your driving privileges, and more. You’re also responsible for the costs of an accident that you cause while driving uninsured. 

What are the Minimum Mandatory Auto Insurance Requirements? 

Dallas drivers must carry a 30/60/25 policy. This includes $30,000 in Bodily Injury protection for one injury with a cap of $60,000 paid for all injuries. The coverage also includes $25,000 in property damage protection. You must carry a policy containing this coverage amount to stay legal in the state but have the option to purchase more if you’d like. 

In addition to the state-required coverage, drivers can add collision and comprehensive coverage to their policy to provide personal vehicle protection. The costs of coverage drastically increase, but you’re well protected in the event of an auto accident. Collison coverage pays costs of your damages if you’re involved in an accident with another car while comprehensive coverage pays costs associated with other types of personal vehicle damage. This includes burglary, vandalism, and even weather-related damage. 

Costs of Auto Insurance in Dallas 

Dallas drivers pay an average of $1,329 per year for their state-required auto insurance. Many factors impact the costs of auto insurance, however, and your price may considerably vary from this number. Factors that impact auto insurance rates include 

– Age 
– Driving record 
– Credit score 
– Marital status 
– Type of vehicle being insured 
– Company insured with 

How to Save Money on Auto Insurance 

Do not let the costs of auto insurance prevent you from driving legally in Dallas. You can find cheap car insurance in Dallas if you’re willing to complete a few steps. First, compare auto insurance companies. Rates are not the same with any two companies. Comparing rates is the only way to find the best prices for your coverage needs. Second, ask about discounts and take advantage of them all. You can find tons of awesome money-saving discounts available. You may want to increase your deductible if you’re a safe driver and of course, you can save money on your auto insurance costs if you are driving the right car and have a good credit score. 

Insurance is Important for Dallas Drivers to Carry 

Auto insurance protects drivers wherever they go. There are hundreds of accidents on the Dallas roadways each week. Even when you’re a good driver, you must be proactive of the other people who are on the roadways with you. Insurance provides protection and peace of mind in the unfortunate event you are involved in an accident. Plus, it is the law in the state! Make sure you abide by the laws and carry auto insurance with you always.

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