Managing High Impact Teams- A Brief Guidebook from Management Expert Doug Grady

Start up a business, and you’ll find how effective teamwork is to complete any project or meet any deadline. But even though this necessity is being realized not much can be done about this. When you run your company, there are some immediate needs which have to be taken care of, and since these issues turn out to be the need of the hour, developing an effective team is being completely neglected.

As a result of this, Doug Grady often finds that just groups of unsynchronized and unsystematic people are assigned to do work together without even realizing whether they are meant to work together or not. However, he believes that it doesn’t take much effort and foresight for the managers to build an effective team that can handle any pressure or any task at any point in time.

Cheap Yet Smart Tricks That Doug Grady Believes Might Help in Managing Teams

  • Help Your Team Know the ‘Why’ and Not the ‘What’ and ‘How’

Prioritizing the things which are important and then leaving the ones which are not is essential for able and effective management. When any team is assigned to a certain project, at times, they fail to understand its value not just to them, but also to the company as well. As a result of it, the effort that is being put is not maximum, and it ultimately leads to inadequate operation. Being, the manager, it is responsible for you to make them understand the urgency and the value that the task holds. Explain why they need to work as a team, and how that will benefit in helping the project is completed.

  • You Are the Role Model, See How You Want Them to See

It is essential to have trust and a cohesion bonding working between the team members so that it moves with unified force. So being the team lead, it is essential to inculcate the right habits and discipline in your team members that you want to persist within. Whether it is your frustration or a moment to cherish, it must be shared well and clearly. At times, the projects have got tight deadlines with daunting amount of task to be completed. It is quite obvious for a team member to freak out and not handle the pressure. This is when the real value of the team is to be tested, believes Doug Grady.

It is essential to have trust between each of the team members, and the more you built it steady, the better it gets for you and your team. However, being the leader of the team, it is obvious to have complete faith in your team members, but along with it, you must have a necessary check-in at regular intervals. That helps you to keep the entire project in confidence, and the extra support you give while checking helps your team to boost their moral and power up the speed of the project.

Management might not be a tough nut to crack, but when turned inadequate might lead to a great disaster for any company.

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