Enjoy Sightseeing Tour of Madrid City by Bus

For people who are interested to tour cities by city sightseeing bus, there are number of alternatives available in Madrid. Two companies at Madrid operate a number of tourist bus routes.

If you already are familiar with any open top kind of bus tours and also aware about hop-on and hop-off bus services, then the services available in Madrid will be pretty much similar to what you must have seen in many other cities of the world.

In case you are not aware about such hop-on and hop-off bus services or never used them before then following are the key features:

  1. Companies will operate one or many routes which may include the most important highlights of the city.
  2. Each route will have few numbers of stops for you to hop on and also hop off the bus. All these stops may not always be located at the same place where other public transport buses may be stopping.
  3. You will generally find a double decker bus. All such buses will provide audio guide service too, offered in quite a few languages, providing complete remarks about the highlight that you are visiting.
  4. Ticket are available after paying its price.
  5. The ticket will give you the entitlement for unlimited trips to every bus route of the company for certain limited time which is normally 24 or 48hours.
  6. You can hop-on and hop-off the bus unlimited number of times provided your ticket is within validity period.
  7. The tourist buses will run in certain frequency and you may sometimes have to wait for about 30 minutes to one hour for the next bus.

Is it really worth catching any tourist bus?

Following are few valid reasons why it is preferable to catch a bus for visiting any city.

  1. Any tour by open top bus is a very interesting idea, in case you are planning to spend more time in the town. The tourist bus can give you an opportunity to tour around all the important locations of Madrid.
  2. If you are planning to stay for few days in Madrid then you may take one such bus on the very first day, so that you get brief idea about the city and learn what are the places worth visiting.

Next day, you can plan to visit there and spend more time.

  1. Any double deck bus can give you a new perspective as compared to by walking.
  2. It will also be worth considering whether you will prefer to take benefit of bus route so that you can easily reach any far away sights.

Prefer not to go on any city sightseeing bus under following conditions:

  1. If you prefer to visit all the places at your chosen pace and prefer not to advocate rally-tourism.
  2. If you prefer a relaxed visit to number of monuments or museums just in one day. As these buses may not be too frequent, so you have to risk wasting your time just waiting for your bus or use any other available public transportation instead.
  3. If you consider any tourist bus as another alternative for any unlimited transport pass, e.g. Madrid Tourist Pass, will not really be a good idea because that can be far more expensive.

There are number of bus tour service available in Madrid and you can click here for Madrid bus tours comparison:

  1. Madrid city tour
  • Operates in 2 routes, the blue and green route.
  • Blue covers oldest city part
  • Green covers the modern areas.
  • 37 stops
  • Entire route covers in 80 minutes
  • Waiting time at every stop is for 30 minutes
  • Tickets validity for 24/48 hours
  1. Madrid bus vision
  • Single route covering both old/modern areas of Madrid.
  • Not a hop-on and hop-off service.
  • Tour time for 1h30.


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