Details to Know When Looking For Plastic Surgery Loans for Bad Credit

Having bad credit can become a deal breaker when you are looking for loans to fund your plastic surgery. Borrowers with credit problems are at a disadvantage when it comes to availing the money from banks or other such traditional sources. However, it is still important that you get plastic surgery loans for bad credit from a reliable source. The following are a few of the factors that you should know about getting cosmetic surgery loans with bad credit history.

Bank Loans, Credit Unions, and Bad Credit

Getting bank loans are difficult anyway when you are performing the surgery for cosmetic and not functional reasons. Borrowers who come with marginal credit or can provide a co-signer still stand a chance to avail bank loans. However, borrowers with poor credit get turned down without any mention of a co-signer or collateral.

Credit unions are more lenient than the banks in the lending standards. But, you must become a member of the credit unions to be eligible as borrowers. There are numerous credit unions spread all over the country. Thus, choosing the right one among them and then becoming a member involves quite a lengthy procedure.

Cosmetic Loans and Bad Credit

We, at Cosmetic Loans, are much more lenient than the credit unions or banks when offering loans. The regular notion is that finance companies offer a high rate of interest when they offer plastic surgery loans for bad credit. But that is completely not true when you choose us. Our interest rates are as low as three per cent. You have a time period between one to five years for the repayment. The higher down payment you can make, the lesser is the amount you will have to shell out each month.

The finance companies also get a bad reputation for their lengthy application and verification process. In case of Cosmetic Loans, the entire process gets completed within a matter of one to two days. Regardless of the amount you want for the surgery, the interest rates remain fixed at three per cent.

We are one of the most credible lenders around for you to rely on. We are in this field for years and have helped countless people achieve their dream of getting beautiful bodies. Cosmetic Loans is here to make your wishes come true at the earliest.

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