Why you should avoid Online Legal Document Services

Court procedure is usually avoided by many primarily due to the cost they have to pay for legal consultation. In order to take advantage of this situation, few legal firms decided to use latest technology for their own and also their clients’ benefit. This gave rise to the development of online legal services. There are several online companies claiming to provide easy and cost-effective legal solutions for masses.

Rocket Lawyer (USA), Lexoo (UK) and Garant (Russia) are few such companies that use latest technology to provide online legal services. They provide these services according to local, national and international laws. The most famous service these companies provide to their clients is the online legal documents.

But are these legal tech companies really worth to be consulted? An important question arises that if they really are, then the lawyers and attorneys providing legal consultation should not be present in large number. Another important question is about the authenticity and value of legal documents that these companies are providing online.  In fact, we have to take a closer look to get complete information about the pros and cons of such online legal services.

Following are few important points that will help you decide to avoid taking online legal document services and rely on famous legal firms for such documents.

Avoiding legal advice is risky

These online legal documents are easily available through websites and clients are happy to save fee of lawyers for getting these documents. But there is a risk involved in this matter. If you are avoiding important legal advice from an expert, then it may end with several issues in future.

An experienced attorney can better guide you about the appropriate type of document according to your specific case. These lawyers will also assist you in filling your desired form accurately. These lawyers or companies provide solution according to the law of the land (e.g. a lawyer in Sydney or PRO services in Dubai). Such details are usually not available on these online sources.

Change in law

In any country or state, laws don’t remain constant. These laws change with a matter of time whenever a better solution to previous problem is found. On few occasions, laws may change in very short time. In such condition, online legal documents may not help your cause. These documents are available according to existing laws and these legal websites rarely tell about expected change in law.

That’s not the case with an experienced attorney. These lawyers keep themselves fully aware about the latest happenings in legal field. Taking their advice will help you get information about the expected change in laws. These attorneys can also assist you in future by changing your legal documents. This facility is also not available online.

These may not be cheap always

The main reason behind taking online legal documents is their low fee. But this may not prove always true. Sometimes, these online firms sell those documents that are available for free elsewhere.

If you want to start a small business, then these online firms provide several documents for opening an LLC or any other business entity. Usually, several of these documents are sold while they are easily available free of cost from local government or related public authority.

So, instead of paying unnecessary fee on these documents, it’s better to use this money for legal consultancy.

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Mona is working as a business consultant and content writer in Riz & Mona Consultancy,a Dubai-based consultancy firm, since past 6 years. She has written on various business and investment niches during her career including legal documentation services, trade, finance, taxation, small business and others.

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