Why Renting Construction Equipment is Better

The construction industry is opening up more than it has been in the recent past and with it as always has been decisions to be made about equipment. There are some jobs that take equipment that is not always necessary to use unlike the more common drills, saws and other types of tools used in the trade. These are large tools that are expensive and require places to store them until needed for the occasional job they are necessary to use. Instead of the additional expense and then having a place to store this kind of equipment many construction companies and contractors opt to rent this type of equipment. 

Types of Rental Equipment

The type of equipment rented will depend on the job, but it can include anything from industrial fans to earth moving back loaders. These are things that make little sense to purchase as a company or contractor unless a specific type of industrial tool is the main part of the services offered. But when it is an occasional concrete job that requires a more heavy-duty cement mixer than the usual way of mixing by hand or smaller mixer then contractor equipment rental Sarasota FL is the better option than taking profit from the business to purchase equipment of this industrial type. 

The Benefits of Rental Equipment

There are clear benefits of renting occasionally used large or other industrial construction equipment starting with the cost but there are other factors including. 


• Storage of large or industrial equipment can add up if the equipment cannot be stored when not in use on the company or owner’s property. 

  • Maintenance of the industrial tools and the cost that accompanies replacing parts.

  • Hiring a professional mechanics is expensive to replace parts. 

  • Equipment of this type often requires a trailer-sized to tow the larger tools like an industrial cement mixer or a backhoe. The contracting company may need to add this expense on top of the cost of purchasing this kind of equipment to buy a special trailer. 

    These are common reasons why in many cases for the construction company or contractor renting industrial equipment is more sensible over purchasing if not used regularly. 


    • Renting equipment will mean it is in perfect working order. If there is a problem with its mechanics, the rental company will be the company absorbing the repair costs. 

  • There is no problem with storage since it will not be an issue. 

  • In most cases with larger industrial equipment, there will not be a need to have a trailer to haul the machine. 

  • The rentals can be used as tax deductions as a write-off. 

    The main factor is the choice is there for contractors to rent equipment and tools that are seldom used rather than taking profit to purchase and maintain this kind of tools. It is also an option that will mean not turning down jobs that might otherwise be impossible to do because this equipment is not owned by the company. Rentals are a winning situation for the company to not be forced to turn down jobs that could be a large profit.

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