Unique idea of payment as Apple Pay in UAE

It is basically a simple payment method for different purchases a customer make on this/her card. This unique service was started by apple group. With the fast accessibility, this service now has become very popular in Dubai. It is also a trendsetter in the global market for making transactions. If we talk about the service provider options, some top banks in Dubai provide apply payment options. It’s all because of attracted packages and perks for both consumers and industry through its revolutionary technology.

It was first started on October 20, 2014, by the group of apple companies. It is designed in such a way to support all brands of Apple users not in even in America but also in Dubai due to it highly demand factor. A chip known as NFC chip is used to make payments for goods and services with their iPhones in retail stores.

Apple way offers through digital banking in Dubai

Due to unique and fast-tracking features, apple pay in UAE provides purchase within apps system. From the official website of a particular bank, one can download the official apply pay app. Well, it is quite tricky when we attached apply pa services through banking system working in Dubai. This is actually two-way cooperation in which top banks of Dubai are actually providing customer’s stream to the apple group for their services. While on the other hand, the service provider offers many perks and discounts to its customers through banking route. So in this regard, both groups earn a handsome economic profit and serve the community as well. Now things have changed more precisely due to the involvement of digital banking system such as –

There are many other best online and digital apps. But here only we will discuss voice enable banking. The transaction process was quite hectic and time-consuming. Sometimes it took months to make and complete a plan either related to transport system or for the banking sector. But now what we have in Dubai is pretty amazing for not only locals but also for outsiders. Now we have also different apps present on the official websites of the top banks in Dubai. Like if we take the example of Apple pay in Dubai, we have the best option to avail this service by traditional banking means and also through fast and modern banking means like we have voice enable and smartphone banking. Through apple pay store we can download the services of apple payment methods. It is very much suitable for all types of customers.

Why Apple pay is more popular than other payment options?


Well, there also has seen a new change in Apple Pay in UAE with the introduction of the iPhone X, which uses Face ID facial recognition instead of Touch ID fingerprint authentication. This is the most secure way to make your transactions in a quite private and secured way. This option is being provided by only Apple Company. This option is used to confirm payments on the new device for the sake of confirmation. There is an option of a token number which is used in place of actual credit card number to make transactions more secure and safe.

Which bank is more suitable for apple pay in UAE?

There is a lot of competition in the local market of Dubai while considering different banking offers. But after we have conducted a lot of research-based studies, we have come to a point that Mashreq Digital banking is most appropriate for this type of services. The offers regarding apple pay or other payment methods provided by Mashreq bank has been improved a lot. One can get all further information in detail by visiting the official website of the bank. The account holders of Mashreq bank can add their PayPal accounts to Apple Pay and use their PayPal wallet anywhere. What you actually have to do is just download the app of Apple pay in Dubai from the official website of the bank and sign through your account. After that, you will get a code for your personal usage. This is all about it works.

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