The Instant Film Cameras are Back Again – Keith W.Springer

“Classics never grow old”, states a reputed veteran in photographer Keith W.Springer ; who had the courage to take up his passion as his profession and felt utterly rewarded when he saw the results of his decision to become a professional photographer. Keith has been kind of addicted with photography so much so that even now, when he is retired he frequents the nature parks close to his home in New York City, to satiate his thirst for taking photographs.

It is in one of his blogs that Keith has made this statement, on knowing the great comeback of the instant film cameras. The first instant film camera was invented in 1923 that consisted of a camera and a portable wet dark room. Polaroid was one of the most famous companies in the ancient times that produced the instant film cameras but sadly those could be afforded only by the affluent class of people.

Technology evolved and so did the way a camera functioned and appeared evolve, but it is quite surprising to note that though the so called ‘modern’ world does not approve a lot of things of the past, yet quite many of the ancient fashions are actually coming back into the modern world, whether it is in clothing or decoration or cameras for that matter. It is no wonder that the instant film cameras are slowing becoming a favourite with the fast paced contemporary world.

Since the life of every individual is a rat race, the wants and desires of individuals have also become such and they want everything at the blink of an eye. The instant film camera satisfies this want of photographers perfectly, which is perhaps what made Keith W.Springer say that classics can never go out-of-date.

Now since these are rather novel to the present generation of interested photographers, they could use some guidelines on how to get the best shots from these instant cameras. First up, you should never be hesitant to take some practice shots and become friendly with the camera, this is done also because not all instant cameras have the same functionality.

Unlike the D-SLR cameras, the instant film cameras do not come with a pre-set standard setting, and therefore you will have to customize the settings of the camera and adjust it according to your personal requirement. One of the most important features to be in mind while adjusting the settings is the ‘exposure’, this plays a crucial role in the quality of the end product.

The instant film camera could be considered to be a rather delicate thing and hence utmost care should be taken that it is not exposed to excessive light and heat. Once you have taken a snap shot, you have to instantly shield the camera from light. Also when you have finished taking the shot, the development of the photo during the first few seconds is very crucial, so the moment you think the photograph has settled you need to store it in a place of minimum exposure.

Neutral backgrounds are the best for taking photographs with these cameras and also it is best if you have your subject at a close proximity.

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