Most Popular Lotteries In The World

There are hundreds of different lotteries in the world. Some of them have rather a meager jackpot winning amounts while some jackpot prizes can extend up to the hundreds of millions of dollars. In this article, we shall familiarise you with some of the most popular lotteries around the world, apart from the world-famous ones like American Lotteries and Canadian Lotteries, which roll out crazy jackpot winning amounts.

Some of them are:

  1. Brazil’s Mega Sena

Mega Sena is arguably Brazil’s largest national lottery agency. It is always in the news for one reason, the massive jackpot winnings it rolls out. They offer crazy amounts of money and all at a very cheap ticket price.

To buy a Mega Sena lottery ticket, you will have to fork out about just USD 2.5 and at the end of the day, you stand a chance of winning close to more than USD 47 Million during regular draws and a Ming boggling USD 92 Million during its annual super draw “Mega Da Virada”. You can purchase this ticket from any leading Lottery agencies such as Lottosend.

To participate, all you must do is pick a number between 1 to 60 as you attempt to win one of the three prize divisions on offer. The odds of you claiming your hand on the jackpot prize are around 1: 50,063,860 which is next to impossible, but with the returns on offer, it’s certainly worth a shot.

  1. Sweden’s Lotto

Are you looking for a very quick way of getting hold of very large sums of money, Sweden’s Lotto is the lottery you’ve been looking for! It is so popular among people who are familiar with the world of lottery.

Lotto draws are held twice in a week on Saturdays and Wednesday in Europe. After that, there is a regular draw which is called as the Lotto 2 draw. Lotto in Sweden also offers an additional bonus game called the “Drömvinsten” which translates to Dream Win. This bonus game allows you to maximize your chances of laying claim to the big jackpot prize. Hence, the Swedish Lotto allows you three chances to secure to big lottery prize.

A lottery ticket can cost a meager USD 1.50 and the cost of playing an extra Dream Big game is just a paltry USD 1.00. This lottery is more of a 6/45 game which consists of about 5 prize divisions. The chances of you laying claim to the jackpot prize are at 1: 6,724,520 which is a decent odd. However, you have a meager odd of just 1:55 to win any reward.

Hence, whatever might be your winning at the end of the day, it’s always fun to play the Swedish lottery. If you haven’t already tried a hand at it, go for it now!

  1. Austria’s 6 / 45

Austria’s 6/45 is an easy lottery game which carries good winning odds and all at a very low price. To play, all you must do is choose 6 numbers between 1 to 45 and you are ready to play.  The odds of you laying claim on the big prize are at just 1: 8,145,060 which is highly favorable when it comes to lotteries. Out of the six numbers you have chosen, there is also a bonus number which is drawn from then.

This lottery also allows you to play extra games which increase your chances of winning the prize. A good example is that of the Joker game, where you must get a correct sequence of all the numbers drawn.

You must spend just USD 2.00 for a basic game and about an extra USD 2.00 for the basic cum joker game. You can also play two extra sets of the joker game to increase your chances of winning the mega jackpot.

This lottery has 8 prize divisions. If you simply guess the bonus ball number, you will win the base prize which is equivalent to the price of the base ticket. The chances of you winning any prize at all are at 1:12.

Overall, the Austrian lottery is a pleasant yet easy experience where almost everyone is a winner!

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