How Smart Investors Are Buying Silver In 2018

As those who have been following the silver market over the past year know, early 2018is the ideal time to be buying silver. While prices are currently low, a decrease in international productionlast year may have an impact on demand as this scarcity makes itself felt. According to Investopedia, 85% of silver production comes from mining, and with the raw amount of silver available decreases, a rise in price may be imminent. Investors who want to make the most out of this commodity should start buying now, before the price starts to spike.

Most of us probably associate silver with jewelry and the decorative arts, but the majority of the silver mined every year goes toward industrial applications. Due to silver’s many unique properties — it is antibacterial, a good conductor, and extremely light sensitive — it is an important component in everything from electronics and photography equipment to medical instruments. For this reason, the value of silver is tied to its usefulness across a range of different industries. Unlike investments in currency or stock portfolios, its value tends to reliably increase over time as its uses expand.

So what is the best way to purchase silver? While it is possible to purchase silver in the form of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or as mining stocks, most smart investors are opting to buy silver in the form of bullion. Bullion has always been the most stable way to buy hard assets like silver, gold, and precious stones, because it means investors own the physical resource, rather than a market-related asset. The reason investors are sometimes put off buying bullion is due to the perceived security risks that come with owning physical assets: it opens one up to the possibility of theft.

This is why seasoned investors purchase bullion through a secure dealer. Companies like Guildhall Wealth Management can help you buy gold, precious stones, and silver bars and coins, offering a range of shipping, payment, and insurance options. Because they provide the option of storing your hard assets for you in one of their secure, insured vaults, they take the stress out of buying bullion by making it easy and removing the risk of theft.

Silver is a commodity to which smart investors have turned repeatedly to weather times of market uncertainty since the dawn of capitalism, and its stability and strength have often proved to be a reliable anchor in times of serious market fluctuation. As the Bitcoin crash earlier this year showed, rapidly spiking investments that don’t have a solid backing are a perennial danger to investors, and one of the best hedges against these kinds of bubbles are real world investments in commodities like silver that people need.

As bullion buying becomes safer and more secure thanks to specialist wealth managers like Guildhall, investors who want to secure long term health as well as short term value increases are turning to silver as a way to shore up their other investments, or simply to guarantee that their savings are less vulnerable to market fluctuations.

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