FBS is ascending as extraordinary compared to other forex brokers for the Asian locales in 2018, particularly in Thailand and Indonesia. In this way, today I will give an FBS review for new traders who are as yet attempting to get themselves an appropriate forex representative. FBS was established in 2009. They enable traders to exchange up to 35 money sets, 4 valuable metals, 2 CFD, and cryptographic forms of money.

When finding the best brokers, we need measures to rate them. These norms are the basics that any specialists who need to wind up the best should meet. Those are:

  • Reliability
  • Controls
  • trading costs
  • Spread
  • Commission
  • Bonus
  • trading conditions
  • Accounts
  • Payment methods
  • Quotes quality
  • Client bolster
  • Local offices
  • Accessibility

Presently, how about we perceive how FBS performs dependent on the gauges made reference to above. Likewise, I will contrast a few parts of this broker with the best representatives, for example, Exness or XM.


With regards to validity, obviously, I’m discussing regulations. The above all else factor used to pass judgment on an intermediary is their controls. Regulations are the licenses that confided in money related associations provide for a representative to deal with that broker. The regulation is the thing that ensures an intermediary needs to pursue a specific arrangement of standards to ensure dealers’ wellbeing.

One more thing, I believe that I want those traders to get it clearly. Somehow, a number of new traders have an idea about the broker who has more regulations is more right than those who have less. This is really a wrong thought. Having numerous regulations doesn’t imply that the dealer is better in term of exchange. There are two situations here. On the off chance that your nation as of now has a control, you should work with a dealer who has that regulation. You won’t require some other controls from somewhere else. Your own nation’s regulation is sufficient. FBS has IFSC, a South African regulation, so dealers in South Africa can be sheltered when trading with FBS. Then again, if your nation does not have a regulation, as most Asian nations, you should exchange with representatives who have somewhere around one confided in control, FBS for this situation is CySEC. Such a large number of controls will just put more cutoff points on the representative. The regulation is only a flag that tells us that this broker is OK, solid, and safe to exchange with. A broker just needs one confided in regulation.

Trading costs


Most traders prefer to work with a low spreads brokers. Spread is the contrast between the cost of ask and bid prices. The spread of FBS is only from 0.2 to 1.1 pip, which are among the lowest spread brokers. What’s more, this is also a lot lower than that of FXTM, XM, and FXCM…


Some professionals charge commission, so does FBS. In the light of the account, FBS has a special commission rate. For Cent and Standard accounts, there are no commissions.


FBS offers numerous sorts of rewards like deposit bonus, welcome bonus, or a loyalty program. They have a bonus with the most elevated rate ever, up to $123. Their deposit bonus program gives back traders 100% of the deposit amount. Additionally, there is the cashback program, which refunds you $7 for each lot traded. At the present time, they are having the $50 bonus program. You simply need to join FBS and $50 will be exchanged to your account promptly.

Trading conditions


FBS offers brokers 4 distinct kinds of accounts, which are the regular accounts (Cent account, Standard account, and Fixed Spread account) and the ECN account. Each account compose has its very own highlights that are reasonable for various sorts of brokers.

Cent account: This is the account for novices or new dealers. Why so? The required deposit is just $1. When you first begin trading, you would prefer not to put excessively cash in it in light of the fact that 90% of new intermediaries lose everything when they start trading. For only $10, I think you can work to exchange genuine terms for up to 3 months. Spread is moderately low, only about 1 pip. The required volume is from up to 0.01 cent parcels up to 1000 parts. As low as possible, that way you will not lose too much cash. Moreover, this kind of profile will not have any effect on a commission that means it does not cost any penny and you can exchange as much as possible you want.

Standard account: More experienced traders will discuss this account. The base deposit is normal, at about $100. The better spread, only about 0.5 pips. Leverage is up to 1: 3000. Higher leverage is better. XM’s standard account leverage is just 1:888. The requested volume is from 0.01 to 500 lots. Furthermore, much the same as Cent account, this account is sans commission.

Fixed Spread account: It is additionally called Zero Spread account. You can know it by the name. This sort of account has no spread. Rather, it charges traders $20 for the commission. This is reasonable in light of the fact that spread is principle salary of brokers. In the event that the spread is zero, the brokers must charge commission. The base deposit for this account is $500. Alternate highlights are the equivalent such as Standard accounts like the request volume and the leverage.

ECN account: This is the account for specialists and long-haul traders. The base deposit required is $1000, or, in other words, yet the commission is much lower than different brokers ($6). All things considered, this rate of commission is similarly as low as Exness and XM, or, in other words, $6 separately.

Payment methods:

I’m sure some American or British brokers are great in their country, however overseas, they are moderately horrible, especially in Asian countries like Thailand or Indonesia. In Asia, if the resellers deposit their Mastercards, their bank will charge between 1.7% and 4% of their total reserves. Interest rates from 5% to months are strong enough and now they only pay 4% for deposit? I do not think so. That is the reason it isn’t shrewd for Thai traders to exchange with those US and UK brokers. Subsequently, picking brokers who can offer local payment system is vital. FBS is awesome in this field. They provide deposit and withdrawal through each local bank and electronic wallet in Asian countries. Besides, what makes FBS so splendid is their speed of exchange. They just came alongside Exness, the fastest on the market. Exchanges at FBS only take half to one hour to complete through the bank, while different brokers can leave you hours or even days.

Customer support:

Client care is crucial in this forex field, on the grounds that forex is an extremely entangled subject. Traders are continually requiring however much help and support from brokers as could reasonably be expected. That is the reason how a broker helps its customers is a standard to assess it. FBS supporting group is phenomenal as I would like to think. They can bolster customers in English every minute of every day on live chat. You can even instruct them to get back to you. That can prove that they are very committed to the customer. For those who do not speak English, they have offices in Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Thailand, China, South Korea, and Myanmar are continuously prepared to help customers 5 days out of seven days.


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