Barclays Admits Providing False PPI Information to Its Customers

“Lender apologises for telling some of its clients they didn’t have PPI when they actually did.”

A new twist in the PPI scandal has emerged as Barclays recently admitted to having told some of its customers that they didn’t hold any PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) when in reality, they actually did. The lender publicly apologised for giving false information through a third party.

Apparently, some customers who called customer service – through a complaint management provider – to see if they had any mis-sold PPI, were told they didn’t, even when they did. . Upon noticing of this, a spokesperson from the bank apologised and promised that they were working on correcting all mistakes previously made.

According to the lender, it was a “very small percentage of customers” who were affected by the misleading error. Thousands of customers are being called to notify them about f the mistake and Barclay’s are hoping to make things right. As an additional note, Barclays also stated that their usual communication channels for complaints and PPI inquiries remain fully functional.

The PPI scandal started when it was known that lenders and banking institutions were selling PPI policies  to people who were not aware that they were being sold PPI. This happened to many bank customers who received loans, mortgages and credit cards over a long period of time.

The declaration comes after Barclays´s CEO raised the issue by affirming that after the PPI scandal, people in Britain were turned into fraudsters. This declaration comes after stating that allegedly, a considerable portion of PPI claims being received are false.

These PPI claims started back in 2012 when Barclays implemented a way for individuals and claim management companies to check if there were any PPI policies pending; apparently it was an error with a PPI checking tool that caused the failure in which 1.1% of the total of inquiries were addressed incorrectly.

What to do?

According to numbers provided by Barclays, it is tens of thousands of people that may be impacted negatively by this and they may still be unaware of pending PPI claims.

The best way to find out if there are any outstanding PPI policies with your name on them is to turn your attention to claim management companies. These companies can do the verification for you and honestly determine if there’s a mis-sold PPI claim to be had.

There are many cases of people who called Barclays´s customer service department several times and kept receiving the same answer, and it was not until they reached out to a claim management company that people were able to find out that there was money owed to them ready to be claimed.

A Final Word

As outrageous as the whole PPI mess has become, the important thing is for everyone to see their PPI status as soon as possible. Remember that the deadline to file any claim is August 19th, 2019. Let a team of professionals handle your PPI inquiries for you.

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