Dallas, Texas, Environmental Cleaning Services

Tank Cleaning Services Dallas Texas provides industrial cleaning as well as consulting support for remediation services. We train workers in confined space entry as well as First Aid/CPR, with a 24/7 emergency response set up. Confined space services include large-scale tank cleaning as well as pipeline services with industrial remediation also offered. Industrial remediation includes soils and spills/cleanup prevention. The company is involved in hydroblasting (10,000 to 24,000 psi), psi means pounds per square inch. (https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/tas-environmental-services-acquires-water-kleen-services-300458415.html)Hydroblasting refers to cleaning internal and external surfaces with a high-pressure burst of water coming out from a hydroblaster machine, at 10,000 psi. Hydroblasting is more gentle than abrasive blasting techniques. 

We try to protect the environment by using hydroblasting and we also look out for our client’s reputations. We have an industry-leading retention rate. For over 100 years, the industrial economy has been built on oil and gas. Now, with 8 locations around the Southwest, we work hard to solve your problems as we are well-known in the industry. We want to provide an employment environment with resources, tools, and support. Communication always happens with our company. Our projects are on time and on-budget when we provide high-quality solutions for our customers as we are accessible. 

Tank Cleaning Services Dallas Texas values our transparency as we believe in finding solutions to problems. We lean towards transportation service solutions as we help to solve big challenges. We put the health and safety of our team members first as well as our travel time. We have a long track record of success. Water Kleen is a new acquisition, seen as an opportunity to extend our footprint. We also know how to assist with confined space entry. Hydroblasting is also used to remove dirt stuck in tough locations since it is important to hydroblast correctly because it can cause injury if not. 

Confined spaces are spaces where there are limited ways to get in or out. Spaces such as tanks, vessels, silos, and storage bins are our specialty. OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which we work with to determine what confined spaces need a permit. Our mission is to be the comprehensive environmental service provider of choice. We are dedicated to building unchallenged partnerships as a safety resource. We want to deliver first-class service to other businesses. Our environment provides innovative experiences that thrive on teamwork. We earn what we have when it comes to the admiration of our stakeholders. (https://www.linkedin.com/company/tas-environmental-services-l-p-/)

We are committed to excellence in carrying out the execution of health, safety, and environment where we engage in best practices. We seek continual work to improve our practices. If we believe rules and regulations fall short of internal standards, we will work toward a higher standard. The health and safety of our community, employees, and customers are high on our list of standards. Our core values reflect our integrity, trust, quality, customer care, safety, respect, and preparedness. We have a relentless drive to augment safety, which we strive for daily as our main goal.

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