Why Aluminium Has Become the Material of Choice for Many of Today’s Designers

For the designers of today’s products, structures and inventions, aluminium has become the most popular choice. All over the world it is being used more than ever before. It’s not by chance this has happened, or because of a lack of other types of material. There are a number of significant advantages to using aluminium. We plan to look at some of the reasons why both manufacturers and consumers of today’s products are choosing aluminium over everything else.

The Benefits of Using Aluminium

Aluminium has become an important part of our modern society. It is used for a wide range of things and is vital for a range of different industries. The aerospace, transportation and building industries rely on it heavily. So why has it become such a popular material? One reason may well be its abundance, being the third most abundant element, and the most abundant one in the earths crust. Other reasons include:

Flexibility – There is no other metal on the earth quite like aluminium. This is because there are so many different industries that can make good use of it. Its chemical make-up is what we’ve got to thank for its flexibility. Aluminium can be used in the home, for designing and creating transport, out at sea, up in the air and on land. In fact, there are very few places it can’t be used.

Strength – Aluminium is a tough material and can withstand the fiercest of punishment. This is why it is chosen by many specialised industries and applications. The gun industry, medical, health and fitness equipment, air conditioning equipment, doors, windows, displays, signs all choose aluminium. The list is virtually endless.

Versatile – There are a number of special characteristics that make aluminium one of the most versatile materials on earth. It is resistant to corrosion, is low density, as well as being strong, It can conduct electricity, is non-toxic, impermeable and odourless. The food industry makes good use of this metal because it is very safe.

Lightweight – Compared with steel or copper, aluminium is a third of their weight. This feature makes it the perfect material for cars, lorries and many other vehicles. Being able to manufacture lighter vehicles means their fuel efficiency can be increased.

Recyclable – There are very few metals that can be recycled. Aluminium is 100% recyclable. This means it can be used time and time again, without its properties being compromised.

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